Coaching Services:

  • Conflict coaching
  •  Conflict competence skill training
  • Negotiation Skills and Practices

Mediation and Advocacy


  • Mediation or Facilitation of all disputes, using wise principles
  •  Employment advocacy
  • Support person

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Consultant advisory Services


  • Organisational dispute management 
  • Interpersonal dispute management
  • management of employment disputes
  • Employment issue investigation
  • conflict management system design 
  • Consultation on leadership and Governance.


  Mediation is a powerful tool that can be used to resolve your conflict or dispute. However, whilst it is often used, it is seldom observed.

Mediation is a confidential process protected by a legal privilege.

 For the average person, much about it is surrounded by mystery and myth. 

Mediation is a process! A process that allows parties who are having differences, are in dispute, to reach a decision as to how that dispute can be ended. 

What is significant about Mediation is, it is the parties to the dispute who make the decisions that lead to an end.

A mediator is not a decision maker. While some other forms of dispute resolution such as Arbitration and Litigation have the participants hand over the final decisions to a neutral third party such as a judge, Mediation leaves the final agreement and resolution to the parties. 

The advantage for you in the Mediation process is, you maintain some control over the outcome. The outcome is achieved by agreement.

The fact mediation is a process is its secret to success. It is a process that is worked through on a step by step basis. The different steps allow the participants to identify and examine the problems that exist, air grievance they may have, examine the interests that drive the positions that have been adopted and explore all options as to how the matter could be resolved. The final step is to agree on which resolution option is chosen.




Seminars and workshops

Management of most conflict is the management of power. Managing power require understanding and knowledge of the power dynamics that exist within the conflict and how they can be influenced.

Conflict education and knowledge are the elements that give you the advantage in conflict situations. 

Wise Path resolution can arrange workshops and seminars on the topics of your interest that will assist your people or team to prepare to mange conflict if it arises.